I Have Arrived!

2014-02-12 07.55.39Ok, this might be premature to make that type of declaration for simply getting my own ISP in my humble abode.  BUT, I have spent almost a year living off the bare scraps of internet available from the friendlies upstairs.  Cuz my cheap ass refused to cave until now.  I think I have mentioned before, but the reason I finally decided to take the plunge is that I can afford it better now, but mostly it is because I am streaming ALOT these days.  I mean, what else is important in life?               right?

I seriously feel like royalty.

I am still waiting for the maids and chef……………

Installation Review:

So far so good! It was a seemingly easy set up. A little confusing at first. My appointment was set for 4pm-6pm so I made sure to get off a little early from work so that I could be there. I got a message at 4:30pm saying that tech was running really late and wouldn’t be able to make it and to call back to reschedule.

Ok, fine. Whatever. I have to study anyways for a test in 2 hours. I can’t worry about that.
So I heat up some soup for dinner and set myself up at my kitchen counter with my textbook.

5pm. Ring, Ring, Ring. Surprise, Surprise. The guy is outside! Alright. I can roll with it. I want to get connected ASAP anyways. Welcome, come in.

So guy gets started doing what he is doing and then 10 minutes in he gets a call and goes outside. Another tech has come along to help. Great. Whatever man. I need to read up about the different demand uncertainties in a supply chain.

They had to go in the basement to look for my cord or something so I show them through the garage.
I am seeing Tech #2 for the first time, I say “hello” with a smile.
#2 – “I’m with him.”
Me – “ok. well I would hope so!”
I might have been the only one to chuckle at that.

#1 and #2 very nice guys. A little small talk, but like I said, I was trying to study. The only thing I didn’t care for was they were in the basement/crawl space/storage space and #2 (somehow in conversation) mentioned he had needed a drink at lunch. Um, ok. They might not have seen me standing there because it was so dark, but come on dork. Say that when you are off the clock!

By 5:30 I was all set up, forgettable password and all!

Signed the papers and bid the boys farewell.

they most definitely were heading to the pub.

P.S.  I may or may not have left my clean, unfolded laundry in a pile on the couch and my sports bra hang drying on a curtain rod.


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