I Am Overweight

I am overweight. I am not someone that is just calling myself fat, which I do, but I really am medically overweight. (27.5 BMI, found through calculation, that’s overweight people)  That is SO embarrassing. Even so, I am taking the plunge and am willing to put this out here where everyone can see and that is scary. (I am really going to try not to cringe when I click ‘Publish’)

I was getting kinda lazy and I loved food too much. I mean I still love food, but I am trying to set some limits for myself, you know? You mean it’s not healthy to get pizza two times a week???

I was on a roll last summer and I lost 20 pounds! But then after September too many cheat days began to come one after the other… I guess you could say I fell off the wagon. I gained back 10 pounds. At least it was not all 20, but I soon settled into that regular mundane, low activity and eating whatever, life.

But now I am back on track! I am exercising regularly and paying attention to what I am eating. I started focusing and making it happen…. oh when? Like middle of January? And then February has been pretty hard core. So far I have lost 10 pounds. Back to where I left off in Sept 2013, y’all! Ugh, can you imagine where I would be if I stuck with it???? ANYWAYS…. My ultimate goal is to lose 30 more pounds.

My reasons for wanting to get in shape again:

Happyness. Yes, with a ‘Y’, just cuz. I am a happier person when I like feel good. When I don’t feel like a slug. Or look like one. When I can find clothes to wear that make me feel good. When I am depressed or just blah = I don’t care, like what’s the point? When I am happy = I care.

I want to go out and DO. Before I would only go out if it was something casual because I didn’t have anything that I felt ‘pretty’ in. Nothing fit(s) right. Not how I wanted it to. No dresses that don’t make me look like a round umpa loompa. Uh, no thanks. If I can go out in jeans and sweater then “yes count me in”. Other than that, “maybe next time”. Boat trip when I will be wearing less clothes? “Sorry, I am busy that day”. I will say that I am still partially in this place. I still don’t think I have anything nice to wear. But I am slowly feeling better about it. I can see the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Energy. It is true what they say that exercising and eating well and in decent portions makes you feel more energetic. Wake my brain up! Before it was like too much to just get off the couch and walk across the apartment for something. Do I really need that right now? I know that sounds drastic, but hey, sometimes, yea it was kinda like that. Inactivity begets inactivity. I would love to play basketball again. Not even a scrimmage. Just go out, dribble around and shoot some hoops without getting winded in the first 10 minutes. That would be fun. It would be fun to take dance classes, but what would I wear to that???

Even though most of my reasons sound vain, kinda sounds like it all comes down to what could I wear, at least it is to a positive end. Get healthy.

So I am going to use this platform to share my progress, what things are helping me achieve my goals, what makes me struggle and hope that it help future me and others out there that have an interest in this kind of stuff!


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