Getting Started – Healthy Lifestyle

I can’t decide whether I want to say ‘get in shape’, ‘lose weight’ or ‘get healthy’.  I might end up rotating through all these.  I mean I don’t know how these things will help you, all I know that they have helped me make simple, positive changes in my day to day life.  What saying best matches? All of the above?  I will let you be the judge.  Feel free to send me some feedback if you want to share what you think.

#1. Stairs

This is a simple thing that I have adopted last year when I first got on the ‘get in shape’ track and I find it really does help.  My old office used to be on a 4th floor. Man that was hard!  I did it straight for months last year and it always got my heart rate up.

Now my office is on the 3rd floor.  It still makes a huge difference, not as out of breath, but now it is less likely that I will quit this habit.  It is just so easy.  It also helps that this is an old building and the elevators can be painfully slow.  I try to take the stairs everywhere.  It is a simple thing to do everywhere, if you are able, physically speaking.

I kind of feel like I am trudging along each step, BUT I do always feel good after I take the stairs.  It might be silly to feel accomplished for doing something like this, but I do!

#2 Are you really still hungry?

My sister suggested this to me and it just sounded genius to me.  When you think you want another portion set a timer for 10 minutes at least, then after it goes off if you are still hungry then help yourself to a little more.  Most people probably don’t need to do this, but I totally do.  I am the type of person that will eat something that is really good until it hurts.  Literally.

My sister does this timer thing in an effort to help her dry eyes.  She has graft vs. host disease in her eyes so every hour she turns out the lights in the office, sets her alarm, and doesn’t allow herself to open her eyes until she hears the timer go off.  I didn’t know she did this so when she brought it up as a way to help me keep my portion size down I was really impressed.

It is so easy. Most of us have smart phones that has timers on their clock app.  So doable.

And after a while, I will probably not have to use my timer because I am hoping I will just be able to recognize the cues that my body is sending me.  In the meantime this tool helps the most in restaurants.  On vibrate or silent of course.


Lately, I have playing music when I am at home. Music is wonderful for the soul.  I just save my playlist on shuffle so sometimes it is surprising to hear songs I haven’t heard in months come up.  I tell ya, takes me back.  Plus the impromptu break out dance sessions help burn a little bit more calories. Laughing and dancing by yourself. It is freaking awesome. AND it doesn’t matter how you dance, you are just movin!  So get up and groove 🙂

These are just a few simple things I have adopted into my day to help keep on a health conscious path.

One thought on “Getting Started – Healthy Lifestyle

  1. These are all great getting started actions! Dance Parties are the best and I can’t tell you how often I have them because yeah it is that often! Stairs are an excellent way to build cardio strength!

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