2nd Annual Spring Training AZ – Day 1


IMG_1476Got back last Monday from our 2nd Annual AZ spring training trip with some of my favorite girlfriends. It was SO much fun. It was nice to get away from ‘real life’ to a new environment and watch some baseball in what felt like FOREVER!!  I am going to write a lot for my future self so I will split the trip into 4 different posts by day.  So kicking off = Day 1

This was a 4 day, 3 game trip. Our little group was made up of 3 Oakland A’s fans and one Giants fan so the plan was Friday and Sunday = A’s game and Saturday = Giants game.

Lindsey and I woke up bright and early Friday morning for our 6am flight out of the bay area, her dad being so nice to drive us at 430 AM. We were sleepy, but excited to be off! Our other half of our group had an evening flight and would get to AZ around 1130pm that night so it was just us for most of Friday.

Our room

Our room


Inner Courtyard

This year we stayed at Tempe Mission Palms located right off of Mill Ave where there are plenty of stores, restaurants and bars. And because it was a great location for walking we didn’t have to rent a car this year. That alone was awesome. It can be a hassle to decide who is going to be the driver the whole trip and has to sign away their lives on those ridiculous contracts. Plus the extra cost.

I loved staying at the Mission Palms, they have free shuttle service to and from the airport and everyone was so nice. Again, LOCATION was the most important thing for us this trip and this place definitely had that. I booked our room back during Cyber Monday and it cut about $300 off the total price. A little more pricy than our place last year when we stayed at the La Quinta, but when you factor in gas and the rental car we had last year, this year was a much better deal.

We were lucky enough to be able to check in WAY early at 9am (no extra cost, score!). Our game wasn’t until 1pm so we set out for some grub after we dropped our stuff in the room.

We walked to Chop Shop which serves fresh and local meals, PLUS made to order juices! It had good reviews on Yelp and we were not disappointed. 20140307_105028It was so cute and had an adorable outside courtyard eating/lounging area. 20140307_103231 My green juice and sweet potato breakfast wrap.  (You can see Lindsey’s Kale salad wrap in the background)

We each got a juice and a wrap. We were thinking ahead and saved half for the lunch at the game. Ballpark food/drinks are such a wallet gouge.


You can’t see here, but our hotel is literally behind Lindsey’s left shoulder. Cool, right!?

We explored downtown on our way back, stopped by a bar for a bloody mary (bloody Scotsman for me), and once back in the room we decorated in preparation for the birthday girl’s arrival that night!
decorationsAnd, yes. We kept everything up until we checked out.

IMG957481The A’s spring training home is Phoenix Municipal Stadium and is just over a 2 mile walk from our hotel. Lucky for us the hotel shuttle was able to give us a ride for which we tipped very well for. It was so fun seeing all our boys again and some new faces too! Just walking into the stadium, surrounded by A’s fans, Lindsey and I recalled how long it has been since we have been in this atmosphere. Felt like home! It is just really fun to watch baseball and hang out with friends. I was already excited for this season, but being at spring training just reminded me why.

IMG954553It was a fun game, maybe spent too much on beer. That day we had 2 at the stadium and it was probably like $22. Yea, it hurts. We also got to meet up with some friends from San Jose who came with their adorable kids. They definitely know the ins and outs. Their son got so many autographs and even batting gloves. I am only slightly jealous. I think next year I am going to go early and hang out with the kids so I can get some autographs too. Seems fun! You can tell we had a great time. Plus, the A’s won 2-0 over the D-backs.

After the game we decided to walk all the way back to the hotel. We could have taken light rail for most of the way back, but we thought we could just walk it. You know, work off some of the beer calories. Now that was an adventure. At one point the sidewalk disappeared and we were just walking in some plants and rocks on the side of a very busy street. Eventually we were able to cross 4 lanes to the other side where a sidewalk appeared, luckily. It was comical.

20140307_155000We walked past this cool building that set up the, well I don’t know if they were window slats or something, but they spelt out ‘TGIF’. We got a kick out of that.

20140307_165139We were exhausted when we got back to the hotel so we headed to the pool, me to get some sun and Lindsey to mostly relax and read since my fair friend doesn’t like to get too tan 🙂 We laid out, had a drink from the pool bar, and had a nice swim. I even put my head under the water…… right!?? Hadn’t done that in a pool in years probably. (PS that is NOT me in the picture!)

After that we were just going to take quick naps, but we ended up sleeping for like 3 hours and woke up around 1030pm! We didn’t even go out to dinner. Luckily we still had our leftovers from breakfast because we weren’t hungry at the game. It was a pretty food day.  Yummy, healthy-ish food, no overeating that is for sure. I am sure we got some extra calories from the booze though.

Then the girls came through the door around 1130pm, greeted them with the “Surprise!” decorations. We stayed up just a little longer while the Vicki and Nina got settled in. And thus ended our first day of spring training.

To see the future = Day 2Day 3


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