2nd Annual Spring Training AZ – Day 2

(If you missed Day 1 click here)

Day 2 – Giants Day

Lindsey and I woke up early, around 6am on Saturday and headed out to A-Mountain, conveniently located behind our hotel.

Man, I am telling you, perfect location.

hotel from hillThis is our hotel (with the red roof), view from part way up the hill.

The front desk lady told us this was an easy hike/walk/trek.

Um, no.

The length up and down is not long, but the incline???  After we got off that damn hill our fitbits said we had climbed 30 floors.  Hey-zeus, that is a lot!  view from topThis is the view from the top looking out to the north. It was a beautiful morning.

AND because we are rock stars, we walk/jogged to Chop Shop again for some juice!  It is not pictured, but I got the seasonal special. I can’t remember everything that was in there, but I know there was poblano and cilantro in there.  Don’t be scared. It was refreshing!20140308_083244It was a nice way to start the morning.

For breakfast, all four of us walked to Ncounter20140308_100923Don’t mind Nina’s Giants hat in the corner, she snuck that in while I was taking the pic, haha!

This was another place I found on Yelp, and again, sooo good!  You order at the counter and they bring the food to your table.  I split breakfast with Lindsey so I left her and the girls to order while I staked out a table outside because it was pretty crowded.Nina's omletteNina’s omelet with broccoli and chicken 

20140308_101013Rest of us got the breakfast burrito, but the one I shared with Lindsey had no bacon. It was still REALLY good 🙂

After breakfast Vicki and I got in 30 minutes of sun at the pool while Nina and Lindsey got showered and ready for the game.  Saturday’s Giants game was in Scottsdale, just north of Tempe, where we were staying.  The Phoenix area just got Lyft about 6 months prior so we utilized some free rides to take us to and from the Scottsdale Stadium.  Vicki was able to get 4 free rides because she signed up for the app down there.  1 ride given by Nina’s account and the other 3 given by Lyft because they want to grow their passenger base.

Fortunate for us!

IMG959442Just us waiting for Lyft outside our hotel!

So away we went to Scottsdale Stadium, home of the SF Giants.  Me and Vicki wore A’s gear because, hey,  we were representing!  It really isn’t that offensive.  With so many teams in such close proximity, you see people representing teams that aren’t even playing at that stadium all over the place.  It is all in good fun.

Giants played the Mariners and it was a slaughter that ended with in a loss for the Giants, 3-18.  This game felt like it went on FOR-E-VER!!!  This game we were in the last row of one of the bleachers at the top of the ‘stair case’, but it was really nice.  You could lean back, easy to get in and out for restroom breaks and drinks.  It was shaded so it did get a bit cool with the breeze, but we got through it with yummy snacks made by Miss Lindsey.  She made this sweet and spicy trail mix that was so addicting! I wish I had a pic of it.  It had chex, pretzels and pecans in it……..  trust me, we were all grateful for Lindsey for loving to bake.  I also got to meet one of Lindsey’s sorority sisters who were there at the Giants game too.  It’s great to meet friends of friends and she was so sweet and funny.IMG958931All of us happy to be here at spring training!

After the sad loss for the Giants(not that I cared one bit about that, heehee) we walked over to Salty’s, a restaurant and bar.  The place was jam packed inside and outside on their patio.  Everyone was nice, especially the harried wait staff, but the hostess was such a snob.  We hung out there for about an hour, sipping on drinks from the bar, before we snagged a patio table that was first come first serve.  Good timing cuz we were starving.  This is when the healthiness effort kind of went out the window.  We had chips with queso AND salsa, little tacos and more drinks.

After that we called up Lyft to whisk us back to Tempe.

Our night didn’t end there.  Vicki, Lindsey and I went to the pool after hours to soak in the hot tub for a while until the security guard kicked us out.  That was about 1130pm.

Then we got changed into some regular clothes and hit up the Irish pub right behind the hotel called the Rula BulaIMG952611I LOVED this place.  First things first = fire ball shot for everyone because it was midnight and officially Vicki’s birthday!! IMG955439Later we all tried a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shot, introduced to us by “I forget his name” guy.  It has fireball and rumchata in it.  It was pretty tasty.

We were lucky that night because they had a band playing that night, the Sea Merchants, who played all fun Irish songs and other types of music including a Mumford and Sons song. I remember cuz I really like that song, “I will wait”. They were great and it made me think that I really need to listen to Irish bands/music more often at home.

The music was a lot of fun. There was a lot of dancing/hopping. I swear, some of the bar guys’ ‘dancing’ would look the same as if they were dancing in a mosh pit. You know, without all the bashing into other people thing. (and I am talking about “I forget his name” guy in particular, just hilarious)

I will tell you that we did hit the dance floor too.  The music practically calls you to the floor! My legs were SO sore that night, it was hard to fall asleep.  Worth it though, plus it must have been a good workout, right?

To see the future =  Day 3


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