2nd Annual Spring Training AZ – Day 3 Vicki’s Birthday!

(In case you missed it = Day 1 & Day 2)

Day 3 – Vicki’s birthday and back to the A’s

Happy Birthday to Vicki ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT! It was great!  We went out to breakfast to Chelsea’s Kitchen (transportation, again, by Lyft). The food was so good.  If you are ever in the area or at the Phoenix airport (they have a nice location there too)  stop by.IMG956003Bloody drinks of course! How else do you kick off a birthday?  IMG955207Again Lindsey and I shared, and this time it was a crab cake benedict. Yum!

A’s game we got to meet up with Crystal and Victor and their kids again at the Phoenix Municipal stadium, home of the A’s.  That game was great too, but ended in a tie.

IMG_7106After that we Lyft’d back to Mill Ave. to have some $1 beers at a place across the street from our hotel (for the life of me, I just cannot remember the name!) and it was a bonus that Crystal was able to join us!

It was happy hour so we also had to get some munchies. I think we had 2 drinks each there….

IMG_8748Fried okra and tater tots can’t be wrong.

Anyways after that place we wanted to show Crystal the Irish pub place we went the night before (Rula Bula).  Apparently they also serve food and they had moved tables back on the platform where the band had played on Saturday night.

IMG_3047So thank goodness for people who take pictures because I forgot all about this first group shot of fireball shown in the above pic.  Seriously??  Yep.  And THEN we ordered another set of shots! The bartender suggested some type of shooter that had fireball in it, but once the girls found out that there was also Jameson in it there was no way we could order that for all of us. We ended up almost all getting different things.  IMG958076Vicki and Nina each got Cinnamon Toast Crunch shots again.  IMG957467Crystal and Lindsey each got shots of just fireballIMG950526And little ol’ me got a shot of straight Jameson. I had Lindsey take a pic of me in the corner because I am the only one drinking Jameson and I thought it would be funny.  I still think it is.

After that bit of fun, we headed for some dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  We had eaten here for lunch during our first spring training trip so we knew we would be in good hands there.  greek girlsThis night it was perfect weather to sit outside on their patio area for dinner.  We started with drinks of course, beers and a whiskey soda for me.  Now let me explain my ‘plan’.  Because I am trying to lose weight I thought I should drink something with fewer calories so I decided a whisky with club soda and a twist would be my new “go-to” drink.  As you can imagine, this attributed to my doom the next morning.  Remember for next time: not the best idea to agree to a waterfall round while everyone else is drinking beers. Yea.

Anyways back to the timeline.  We started out with some ‘greek’ bruschetta on focaccia. BRUSCETTA Looks delicious, right?  And it really was. 

Then Crystal’s hubby came by and we bid Crystal farewell.  Then we got our dinners.  I was getting pretty full so I had some leftovers to bring back to the hotel which turned out to be GENIUS later that night.sing to vicki greekThey sang Happy Birthday and gave Vicki a bday dessert, baklava

IMG956134After food we walked back down Mill Ave. and Lindsey turned us towards a Dueling Piano, underground bar which turned out to be great fun.  Live music just makes any place exponentially better.  The guys were really good and funny.  They took requests too, but unfortunately did not perform them all as we found out when we tried to get them to sing “Let it Go” from Frozen.  I mean come on!

We had more drinks, I think, myself had 2 shots and 2 more whiskey sodas here.  One of those shots with the bday girl!  I think Vicki got quite a few birthday drinks/shots from well-wishers here.  We got up to dance more than once on the stage and Lindsey was even in a dance off with another COUPLE that were clearly professional-like dancers.  Lindsey came out on top though as the winner chosen by cheers, (and of course skills yo!)  That girl is so fun.  The birthday girl also got called to the stage and sat on the pianos while we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  IMG_2686I think she had a good time.

After a few hours there we climbed back to the street to El Hefe. A cool bar that had an outdoor area that wrapped around the outside.  last shot i thinkAnd yes, even MORE drinks here!  Ugh, look.  That is yet, another shot of fireball for most of us.

Soon after that we headed back to the hotel.  20140310_020801As you can see we were ready to be back at our hotel home, hahaha!

Nina was a blur as she climbed right away into bed while the 3 of us tore open our leftovers from dinner and sat on the floor against the door, cracking up about one thing or another (You know, because we are hilarious).  It really was a fun day/night and great way to celebrate our girl.

IMG954098Happy Birthday to Vicki!!


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