Aftermath of Vacation

I didn’t step on the scale until a few days after I was back home. Yea, like I was in such a rush to see that damage??

Plus, I knew that I had really splurged from the vacation, I thought, “well the damage has been done, why not take a little break and splurge a bit more?”

Now when I say splurge, I kind of mean binge. It is a real problem with me. I don’t know why I get the sense of urgency. Like, I’ll never be able to have pizza again!?

But it is go big or go home I guess. And in the goal of being honest, this is a just few things I had when I got back:

-Nacho Cheese Doritos
-Gialina Pesto Pizza
-Bahn Mi pork sandwich

Okay it might not seem like that crazy, but the fat thing is that I would finish each one in almost one sitting. There is no NEED for that, but nonetheless, it is what I tend to do.

So I got that out of my system so by Thursday/Friday (two weeks ago) I was back to a working out and eating better. I had gained 5 lbs from before we left for AZ and I am working to get back down to that level. I did really well last week: lots of walking to work, walk/jog / yoga during lunch and gym/workout at home as well as having small meals regularly throughout the day.

Then last weekend hit. (I will write about that in another post) It isn’t an excuse, but that fun cut a hole in my healthy routine and now I am on another ‘break’. It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been going to bed early enough and lack of sleep really makes my brain not care so much if I am on track or not. Lazy brain has the upper hand now!

BUT, I swear I will restart tomorrow. Really I do

The REAL question is whether or not I will step on that scale tomorrow…..


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