Weekend of Reconnecting

This past weekend was really nice. I got to catch up with some people that I haven’t seen in years.

As you know, I was doing really well last week, exercising and eating right, so Saturday morning Lindsey and I met up at the 24 hour fitness gym in WC to workout (she is a member and I had a guest pass). We did some warm up on cardio machines and then did some weights. Then for the grand finale we took ZUMBA. This was my first time and man did I sweat! It was fun, but it ain’t easy. At least, not that class. You have to move your feet so fast and at one point I almost rolled my ankle! There were no “here are the steps” intro. The instructor just blasted the music and started moving! Some movements were fun and some were frustrating. And who knows what I looked like trying, hahaha! But really it is no big deal because everyone is trying the same thing and not everyone can look like a real dancer.

So started out with a great, on track, morning with exercise and some fresh green juice I made for breakfast. My sister got into town around noon and then we headed out together to Nana’s about 45 minutes away. Nana is not our grandmother, but an older woman who used to babysit us when we were little. We hadn’t seen her in probably 5 years or more for one reason or another. Life. Illness. Life again. It was such a nice visit and they have a lovely home. Only a slight (yea right) wrench was that Nana and her husband took us out to lunch – at Mels diner. Now I didn’t want to make a fuss and I could have made better choices, BUT I had a ranch side salad, half a pastrami sandwich (didn’t finish, but saved for snack later) and French fries……. Oh geez. Even so we had long conversations and got to catch up with how we are all doing. And Now that we know her phone number and where she lives we will make sure we visit more often 🙂 We love Nana.

Once we got back to our parent’s house, I headed right back out to my friends from when I worked at Unity Salon and Spa. Didn’t know what the plan was going to be, hang out and catch up or go out? I didn’t care, I hadn’t seen Sophia in about 2 years! It was SO good to see her and Stacy and meet Kim. So eating well was out the window because as I found out when I got there, we were going out! We enjoyed a glass of Provence by Peju and it was SO good! I had never tried that kind before. I can’t wait to go to the store and get a bottle for myself!

We ended up walking to downtown Martinez. Along the way we stopped at walk up burger place called Boscos and we shared corn dog and fries. IMG950958It was really good.

The main event was The Creek Monkey Tap House and if you haven’t been there yet you need to get over there and check it out if you are in the area.20140322_18324720140322_183253 It is in a cute yellow Victorian style house and the staff is really nice. A family owned Italian restaurant used to be in this house, but they must have gone out of business. It is sad, but I really like the new development too! 20140322_201642The inside looks similar to what it was as the Italian place, it has a bar, but even that was there before.

I love the style, the drinks and the food. They have a bunch of beers on tap and we tried a few before we placed our first order. 20140322_183755They have a draft for everyone! We sat outside on the back patio when we first got there. 20140322_191901It is really pretty with lights strung above the tables. There is a little canal that runs alongside and we actually saw a beaver swimming around at one point! I am telling you, I am really liking this place!

Food. We shared zucchini balls , funeral balls, and spicy chicken wings. (And yes, there were a LOT of jokes about balls) Everything was awesome. The Funeral Balls are basically loaded potatoes that are rolled and lightly fried up served with a spicy aioli. I thought I had taken a pic before we ate everything…..I was wrong.

My favorite thing here was the beer selection, though. We all got something different.20140322_185718Dark to Light! (Stout, Black and Tan, IPA and Pilsner)

We moved inside after it started to get chilly and after we were done eating. They have an upstairs area that we hung out in and we had it all to ourselves. The girls ordered some ice cream and I think a cheesecake slice….can’t remember. The dessert was just okay. I just had two bites and I didn’t even care for the ice cream which is weird. I wasn’t a fan of that.

We went to a bar a couple streets down after and hung out there for just a little while and watched a guy dressed like an old timey pimp dance with these young girls. I wish I would have taken a picture. Very funny.IMG_0976

I had a wonderful time with these ladies and we will not let so much time pass before seeing each other again.

Sometimes it is hard to make time, to stay in touch with people from your past, but all it takes is effort. And it is okay if it is not every week or every month. There are so many ways to stay connected with each other these days we just need to choose to use them. That is what I want to try to do better. Connect. Reconnect. I think as I continue to do healthy things (for the most part) and lose weight and the more happy/confident with myself, the more I will want to create these opportunities to reconnect with friends I don’t see regularly otherwise.


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