Where did I park that wagon again?

I fell off the wagon.

I am so far off that healthy wagon man.

Need to get a move on for sure!

Reasons/excuses – eh, I don’t really have one. 

But I will compare it to baseball since the season just started and I am gearing up for my second game of the season tonight.

It has to do with MOMENTUM.  Momentum is huge for me. Like when your baseball team is on a winning streak it seems easier to make that next game a win.  When I am doing well, exercise and eating wise, it makes each next day easier to keep those habits and routines up.

And because I can’t stop thinking of analogies, I am ALSO like an ant!  Okay, I don’t really like that as much because it makes me seem like a follower.  A drone.  I don’t appreciate that.  Well, my original thought was when an ant seems to freak out and not know where to go if something suddenly interrupts their path.  It’s like ADD.  Ok, is this an analogy or a simile….


you get the point.

I haven’t stepped on a scale in a week and a half.  I am still wearing my fitbit, but not logging in or checking it.

Next week I need to get back on track.  This weekend seems like a lost cause unless I make time for exercise Sunday morning.

Plan this weekend is 2 baseball games. Oakland A’s of course. Plus my Papa’s 60th birthday BBQ.  Yea, my already pitiful will power ain’t gonna stand up to that schedule.

Just being honest.  and that is what I want here.  just an honest recording of my REAL health/fitness journey.

Me and Lindsey having been brainstorming some cool challenges for ourselves that will be starting soon. So get ready for THAT.

I can tell you are on the edge of your seat….


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