Take Me Out To The Ballgame


Oakland A’s.  That is my baseball team.

I am not the type of fan that boos our own team’s players.

I am not the type of fan that boos players that used to be on our team.

I am not the type of fan that doesn’t see the players as human beings.

I am not the type of fan that hates other teams.

I like to watch the game and I like the way the Oakland A’s play it.  I like their scrappy style.  I like to see players having fun.  I mean look at Donaldson’s hair?!

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Josh Donaldson's Mohawk Mullet.

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He’s got some mullet rat tail thing going on.  And he is one of my favorites!  It’s just all fun and funny.  I like to think that he is trying to make it ugly.  It is just a good luck charm I think. Whatever.  No need for it all to be taken too seriously especially with all the caveman beards going on.  Doolittle’s, Straily’s and Norris’ beards are getting pretty grizzly-adams.

I will always be an A’s fan no matter what because I grew up cheering for the A’s.  My papa took me and my sister to our first game at the Coliseum.  I remember being in the ballpark.  Granted the game going on in the background didn’t hold my attention.  I just played in the stands.

I had never been to another stadium until I was probably 20 and that was just Spring Training!

I have always been an A’s fan, but it has only been in the past few years that I have really become a fan fan.  Like I listen to sports radio, I read baseball articles, I follow reporters and players on twitter, and this is my second straight year as a season ticket holder.  I will give credit to an ex-boyfriend as the catalyst for my new found fan-ness.  He is a big A’s fan and it was just so easy to get increasingly interested in the rules and players and strategies when I had someone next to me that could answer all my questions as they came to mind.  No googling, nothing.  Now I gotta do it all myself, unless my Papa is around.  I am still learning.  How does options and trading work? I still can’t tell when a pitcher balks. (this happened in Game 8, the Twins’ home opener, we scored on a balk by Sam Deduno and I was so annoyed that I didn’t tape the game at my parents so that I could see it in replay!  That game recap here)

Oh and by the way, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I do not have cable.  So to ‘watch’ the games I am either at the game in person, mostly listening on a transistor radio (cuz you can’t stream online!) and rarely I will be at my parents’ using their tv. If it have to

Anyways, what is this post supposed to be about?  I guess all about my relationship with the A’s? ugh, that sounds kind of creepy. Really it is not that hardcore. I don’t think.  I mean it is all relative right?

So just get ready.  A’s just swept the Twins and they are 6-3 so far.  Just the beginning and I am really excited for a fun season!

Here are some of my favorite moment’s so far (from the ones available on MLB.com):
**I am getting fed up with wordpress.com right now because they do not support ‘iframe’ videos, which is the format MLBTV uses.  I want the videos to play from this page, easier for the reader, but because the format is not supported, the ‘video’ turns into a link.  I hope you still watch the videos 😦  I am searching for a work around…..  For now, right-click the pics and choose ‘open in new window’  UGH, this is so not right

4/9/14 2nd game in the Twins Series – Recap.
This game was SO stressful.  We were ahead, then Johnson loaded the bases in bottom of the ninth, then we were tied up and went into extra innings, the benches cleared during the 10th inning when Twins’ pitcher said something to Donaldson (no fights) and then FINALLY Norris (come to think of it, Norris has a rat tail going too!!  Look for it next time you see him) hit a 2 run home run in the 11th and we were able to scrape out a ‘W’

Sam Fuld is doing really well so far.  Not sure what is going to happen because he came up as a backup for Gentry who is coming off the DL list either today or tomorrow.  Fuld is out of options, but we don’t want to lose him cuz some other team is going to pick him up.  It is going to be a hard decision. Will Reddick be sent down???  Check out some of Fuld’s moves:

^^^^Check out Doolittle’s beard! ^^^^

And then yesterday was a nice calm day, swept the Twins in a 6-1 game.  2 2-run home runs, 1 each from Donaldson and Fuld.  see here


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