What is going on now?

I know I have been MIA, well nearly a month.  It has been partly because I have been mad at Worpress.com for not being able to embed certain video formats (MLB videos for examples).  the only way to have it how I want it is to PAY.  I am just not ready to do that again.

I have thought of lots things I want to post and share, but I never get around to doing it.  I will try to be better.  I really want to be able to read this later and recall when exactly I thought this or that or did this or that.

Here is a quick rundown (some I will go into further detail in a separate post):

  • Sam Fuld was put on assignment because Gentry came off the DL.  Reddick is hitting really well.  Right now the A’s are holding the leading in the American League  (keep it up boys!)
  • I have been doing my first ever food challenge.  Credit for the idea goes to Lindsey.  She is doing no gluten and no dairy.  I chose Paleo and then that quickly morphed into Whole30 as I read more and more.

Okay that was a really short list.  there were other random things I wanted to post, ideas and what not, but of course now I can’t remember what they were!  This is why I am going to try and be better at this whole blog as a journal thing.

Until next time, lets say tomorrow.

I swear.


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