Hello. It’s Me Again

Flowers tableI am sitting here writing this post offline, admiring the yellow flowers I got from the farmers market today.   I cannot wait to get my own internet on Tuesday so I can be online in my own living room. I am in a basement apartment and right now I use the upstairs wi-fi, but it only really works in my bedroom and the bedroom is not a productive writing space for me.  And now that I have a table in my living room I want to take advantage of it.

Hopefully I will keep up on my blog this year.  I really only have myself to blame for slacking.  The hard part is feeling like I need to have photos to match up with and that takes extra time so I never end up to start the process.  I do what to use this blog as a record I can look back on.  Of course I can get a diary, but it is nice to have it online and in my mind I feel like there is more pressure to actually write.

I kept journals sporadically in middle and high school and I enjoy rereading those….posts? entries?  What do you call them when its not a blog? Eh, whatever.  It is nice to relive those memories. To feel empathy for my younger self, embarrassment and relief on how grown and mature I have become.

Plus I want to also write about projects I work on so that I have something to remind me how I did it when I might help on future projects.   There are long breaks between projects, whether it be techy stuff or DIY stuff,  and I tend to forget what I learned from all the research I originally did.  I think this will be a time saver for me and hopefully helpful for others if they stumble here and have the same interests.

This is brand new.  I can’t access my past blog because I stopped paying for hosting and I haven’t made time to figure out if I can get my past stuff back.  But it is good to have a free site for me right now.  I will have to get used to the cut back in tools available to me. It is frustrating already.  But the greater good right? Being my ability to buy groceries…..

I am not a writer. I may not proofread what I write before I post them. It will be what it will be. I am excited to ‘reboot’ this blog.  This will be me.  What I think, I do, I make, just anything that I fancy. This is all just a crazy dance called life.