Guardians of the Galaxy

I need to do some catch up blogging for this week.  No posts since last week and this week is almost over??  I will try to be better 🙂  I have some posts planned in honor of a successful attempt at cauliflower pizza crust, man it was good.

……I swear there is some other stuff. Well, you will see soon enough.

For today, at least, I have a trailer for you!

I just saw it this morning.  Not sure what it is totally about.  It is a story from the Marvel universe. I am not familiar with it, not that I necessarily would be, but it looks like it is right up my alley.

Sci-Fi. Lots of different types of characters. It is on the funny side. It has Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec as the lead. Giant tree man. A rogue raccoon. ’nuff said right?

the only con is that it doesn’t come out until Summer.  Just watch the trailer. It is so funny and I love the music they have in there.

Trailer World Premiere – Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/18/14