Getting Connected

First off. My 3 hour Monday night class got out in just over an hour because the material was shorter than expected! Of course the instructor was staying the whole time, but we had covered all the stuff he was planning to cover. We could leave! I had to restrain the urge to applaud in joy! seriously. if i cared less what people thought, i think i would have.

I guess it is the simple things. I mean real. I was excited to get home and get my juicing done and out of the way. I am trying to obtain a new habit of going to bed before 10pm…… it is a struggle. I have yet to meet that goal two days in a row let alone at all this past week/weekend.

Anyways: getting connected!

I am finally getting my own internet connection for my basement apartment! i have been getting by the past year splitting with the upstairs internet, but i have been streaming more movies and i have weak (if i am lucky) signal in my living space. As i have mentioned before, the living room is a more productive space than my bedroom. plus when i have people over it would be nice to put on a movie we could all watch NOT crowded on my bed. plus that would mean i need to clean my room when people come over and not just keep the door closed. just being real man.

The main reason i am splurging for my own internet now is that i got a new job that pays a little more. and what am i going to do with that little more? save it? bah! nope, gonna spend it like any other true American! 😉

(Don’t worry Papa. I swear I will put some aside into ‘savings’)

So living in SF, there are some limits to your chose of Internet Service Provider (ISP). As i found out, even your individual street can dictate what ISP you will have to use.ISPs

because i enjoy researching, of course i googled and yelped SF ISPs.

This ISP by far had the best ratings. It was more pricy for installation, but the monthly were on par at $35/month and seemed like they had great customer service.
RESULT: This is a no go for me. Company is still growing and not yet able to provide service to my neighborhood.
Next Please!

There were okay ratings on Yelp, not the best deals at $40/month but you got a bundle, internet, phone, and some channels. Nope just looking for internet, thank you!
RESULT: Fail. i didn’t like their website and the fact that i would have to get a bundle. It was a moot point anyways because they said they couldn’t serve my address.

They had some reviews, and most were mediocre, but I have had Astound in the past and I liked them. Plus their deals are good for the first 12 months and it is easy to get a hold of their customer service. At $35/month for their 55 Mbps downstream / 5 Mbps upstream, 300 GB monthly data allotment included, plan, I was sold.
RESULT: My zipcode was approved! BUT my street was not. The lord giveth and… well you know the rest. The guy was so nice on the phone.  I miss him.

What is it with where I live, you ask? Apparently, my location is behind an ATT wall, or force-field, or line, or…… whatever bottom line:

This ISP —– okay I know you can guess the result, but just shut off your brain for a moment, yell spoiler alert and put a towel over your head so you can read on. Thank you —— had by far the WORST review on Yelp. Their website makes it so difficult to find a number to talk to a person. Even a sales number if you can believe it. It is $30/month for the first 6 months and then the next 6 months is $45/month and after that it can go up to $65/month. Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy?
RESULT: Green light. Houston, this is a go! Made the appointment and will have it all set up by the end of the day.

I am sure everything will be alright with Comcast. I can guarantee you that if they try to raise it more that $10 I will stop service and go back to what i have now. I will survive.

But in the meantime, you can believe I am counting the hours until I can stream movies/tv to watch from the comfort of my couch or my table or my kitchen. wow. the possibilities really are endless 😉