2nd Annual Spring Training AZ – Day 4 #HangoveroftheYear

(In case you missed the previous days = Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3)

Day – 4, #hangoveroftheyear

I do not think I have EVER been that hung over.  I think back on it now and I am almost surprised I don’t still feel that way.  That shaky, nauseous feeling lasted most of the day.  And yes, this was a PLANE day.  I was really nervous about that, which of course didn’t make my nausea any better.

Did we have breakfast?  No I don’t think so.  Vicki and Lindsey were up first and went to Starbucks.  They returned with a blueberry scone for my pitiful self of which I couldn’t completely finish.

I remember feeling so awful that I was incapable of any strong emotions. I was a zombie that day.  Except eating brains would not have helped at all.  Eating anything for that matter.

And to add to that, I got shampoo in my eyes while I was showering!  And no, it wasn’t lather that dripped down into my eyes. It was me snapping the top of the bottle closed and the straight gel shot out STRAIGHT into my OPEN eyes!!  It was really hilarious when I recalled what happened to the girls.  But even at the moment, all I felt was “of course” and try my best to keep my eyes open under the shower water to try to clean them out.

My main concern/fear was getting sick when I wasn’t close to a bathroom.  Really, that is ALL I was thinking about.  “don’t throw up, don’t throw up”.  I was in my own little world.  I felt a little bad that I wasn’t engaging with the girls, but they were kind and understood.

For some reason when we were going through security at the airport, I alone got picked to go through a separate line which turned out to be a super express line and I was through that thing in like 5 minutes.  It seemed like the universe was taking pity on me too.  Unfortunately for Nina, Lindsey and Vicki they spent almost an hour (seemed like) to get through their security line.  In the mean time I just sat at the terminal waiting for them, sipping water and trying my best to sit completely still.

Finally it was time to board.  It went smoothly enough.  Just like our flight there, we had to check our bags at the gate since we were in the last group, but, again, I didn’t have the ability to care about that.

We all sat in the same row.  Me and Lindsey on one side and Vicki and Nina on the other.  They were nice to let me have an aisle seat…..you know, in case I needed to run to the restroom.  I am such a delicate flower.  A real lady, I tell you.IMG954033Look at these girls!  Fresh and bright, ready for travel!

IMG951189And then there is me……. soooo pitiful 😉

Overall, flight was uneventful.  I only made one trip to the little restroom closet and pretty much slept the rest of the time, catching myself every once in a while with my head tilted up, mouth open.  Like I said, a LADY.

I felt better when we arrived in SFO.  Not totally better, but I could HOLD A CONVERSATION. That alone was a grateful improvement.  We all got our bags, hopped on Bart and then we were on our ways home.

We all had so much fun this spring training trip.  I really think we will try to make it a regular thing.  Next year it might be fun to go during St. Paddy’s Day weekend, but you know, maybe not drink as much.  Vacation, perfect weather, baseball, great company. It really doesn’t get much better than that.  It was a such a great way to celebrate Vicki’s birthday and get us all geared up for the 2014 baseball season.

Go A’s!