Free-Blogging Blues

I don’t want to be all negative, but I just have to share what limits I am not liking about free blogging on WordPress.  I just want you, the reader (which may end up just being future me), to know this is not my first choice of interface with you.

It is basically the limits on customization.  Right now I can’t edit the CSS, the theme, or colors.  Of course I could gain editing access if I paid $30.  Okay so it is not that bad, $0.08/day, but I am trying to do this at no cost.

So far I do like the colors here. This theme at least let me choose the green and background color from a limited selection.  

BUT, A few things I would correct with I decided to ‘splurge’:

– add a sidebar area
right now the theme I chose only has a footbar, which is inconvenient because you have to scroll all the way down to see the widgets I added. To help this, I am just allowing one post per ‘page’ so you get to see it anyways if you read the entire post.

– font size
is it just my computer’s settings or is the font like huge?

– edit the header
now I do like the header in this theme for the most part, but it seems too wide/thick. takes up more space than i think is necessary.

– edit post layout
right now the post date, author, tags, categories all show up by the post title. i prefer them to be at the end of the post. ok, i guess the date can stay at the top

– remove Ads
i havent seen them yet, but since this is free there will be ads on my site. i do apologize for this. so annoying

Ok so that is just some stuff. Had to get it off my chest! Phew! Stressful life, right? 😉

*You might have noticed the inconsistencies with capitalizings…. yea that is gonna happen. i cant be perfect ALL the time! 🙂